Thursday, 7 December 2017


                           this is the japan flag⇾

In japan they speak Japaneses .

National Icons :
1. the cherry blossom trees
2. the koi fish
3. red-crowned cane ( bird )
4. The lychee fruit

Main Cities : Tokyo (Capital), Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sendai, Osaka

public holiday : There are 16 national holidays in Japan. The National Foundation (birthday) Day is celebrated on 11 February.

National Sports : Sumo wrestling, baseball, football (soccer), judo, karate, kendo

Friday, 10 November 2017

house dereliction

road mapmy Relations live in the big tall house i live in the little yellow house . 
start : my house.
finish : Relations house .

fist go north  till you get to the first coner then turn east then go ford for 100 m then turn up and you are at your Relations house .

what i know about fossils

What I know about fossils!  SMRF And FILL IN:
Use at least 2 of the readings and answer the questions:

What are fossils?

 Fossils are bones of other animals .
How are fossils formed?

Fossils start on the top of the ground then they sink down down down into the ground and stay there . little animals like bugs may sit at the bottom of the sea and form into a rock .
What types of fossils are there?

Animals dinosaurs
What are the most common fossils that are found?

Bugs ,  sharks , ammonite .
Where are fossils found?

In the ground , in sides of hills . in rocks
How do we find fossils?

You find fossils in the ground or in rocks ,  beaches , anywhere manly .
What information can we learn from fossils?

Some fossils are billions year’s old .
Find 2 interesting facts about fossils!

Fossils are really easy to break .  
Find 2 pictures of 2 different fossils!

Image result for fossilRelated image
Draw your own picture of a fossil! (draw it on paper and then take a photo and copy and paste)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The ocean

                      the ocean
this is a read Theory story.  here is the story . 

i give this a 7 out of 10 .
View passage imagethis is for 5 and up . 

The ocean is a large body of salt water.
The ocean covers most of the Earth.

Some parts of the ocean are very deep.
This means the bottom is far away.
Some parts of the ocean are shallow.
In these parts the bottom can be seen.

The ocean is full of life.
Many different plants and animals live in the ocean.
Sharks, fish, whales, and seaweed are just a few.

People use the ocean too.
Some people like to play in the ocean.
Some people fish in the ocean for food.
People also use the ocean for moving things on boats.

The ocean is a large, interesting, and useful place

Friday, 3 November 2017


this week we have been doing a slide on shape's                             it looks like a mustache

 here are some photos
of the shape i made .

mr brown can moo

                        Mr brown can moo

by : Dr. Seuss

Image result for dr seuss books mr brown can moo

Mr brown can moo .
Mr brown can be a sizzling sausage cooking on a pan  sizzle sizzle . 
Mr brown can make lots of sounds . 

i give this a 10 out 10 

I rate this book for any ages .